Bioenergy Technology Research Lab

afzalMuhammad T. Afzal

BScEng (UAF, Pakistan), MEng (AIT, Thailand), PhD (Ehime, Japan)

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Telephone: (506) 453-4880
Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick

BTRL: Bioenergy Technology Research Lab

The Bioenergy Technology Research Lab (BTRL) is a team at the University of New Brunswick that aims to provide the best services to the research community, industry and society. BTRL is dedicated in advanced and innovative research and technology development in renewable and clean energy, material characterization, thermo-chemical systems, novel reactor design, microwave processing, new feedstock, value added products such as fine and speciality chemicals and bioproducts. Significant contributions in this field include the development of microwave processing system for bio-oil, biochar and biofuel production, and waste treatment. Our team also conducts energy and exergy analysis of different systems and processes. We also endeavour to establish and enhance research collaboration with research institutions and industries.

If you are interested in our research and would like to collaborate with BTRL or have questions, please contact us.

Teaching Responsibilities

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